About Me

Hi! I’m Stacey Kirschenmann. Thanks for stopping by!

As you can probably tell by the name, “From City Life to Farm Wife” I didn’t grow up in the country, around a farm, or know much about agriculture in general. I never thought twice about farming or where my food came from or any of that, that is- until I started dating my now husband: a farmer.

I grew up in Brighton, Michigan. Not exactly a huge city and definitely far from a farming community but it was a great little suburbia town. My grandparents lived literally right next door to us and we shared about 2.5 acres that was backed up to a growing subdivision. My grandpa had an awesome garden that he put his heart and soul into (which I’m sure had something to do with my spiked interest when the guy I was dating said he was a farmer *which is up there with firefighter and chef on hottness level*). He would sit me down and we would plant seeds together, drive around on the John Deere tractor together, watch the birds and deer at the feeders he hand made… He taught me so much. I believe he had a huge hand in why I now have such a deep appreciation for farming and agriculture.

The summer before my freshman year of high school, my parents, brother, and I moved to a suburb of Grand Rapids. Hudsonville to be exact. It was an adjustment- a little more country than Brighton was, but I never really paid attention. I had been determined to move south as soon as I graduated high school and man did I do that. Tulsa, Oklahoma was where I called home for the first 2 years after high school graduation. I loved the city.  loved THAT city. I loved the atmosphere, the mall, the little coffee shops, the busyness of it, everything. After those two years, I realized I wanted more out of college than I was getting so I transferred to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. BEST (but one of the toughest) decision I have ever made.

I met a guy about 2 months after I transferred there. He said he was a farmer from California and I thought it was a joke. Ignorant me thought California was all Hollywood, beaches, palm trees, red wood trees, party 24/7, Arnold Schwarzenegger, hang-loose, “bro”-ing everywhere all the time. I have never been so wrong. Because there’s this place called Kern County which is home to Bakersfield, which is everything I thought California wasn’t.

When things started to get serious, he flew me out to meet his family and show me around the farm. I was shocked. Fields upon fields, rows upon rows, for as far as the eye can see. I was blown away. He showed me around and I almost felt bad that I had no idea all this was here. It was such an eye opening experience seeing potatoes and carrots being planted and the next visit seeing that same crop being harvested. Seeing fields that were empty the first time I came to visit have almond trees perfectly planted by my second visit- it was mind blowing. And those mind-blowing, awesome things I’ve learned I want to share with you. I like to call it AGvocating 😉

Marrying a farmer has been the most incredible adventure. I feel I have been blessed with a unique experience most people will never have and I just want to share what I have learned with whoever will listen. I want to open peoples eyes about agriculture and modern day farming. The first thing a lot of people think of when they picture a “Farmer” is an old man in overalls wearing a straw hat chewing on some hay. Same with “Farm”. I write that and most people would picture some cows here and there, an old man driving a tractor that should have been traded in 10 years ago, dirt everywhere, barns and houses that are falling apart, etc… My goal is to try to change that image (maybe besides the dirt everywhere part- that’s still true 😛 ). But there is so much more to it that what most people think.

I hope this will open the hearts and minds of people who don’t get to be around it everyday like I do. I hope this will bring awareness about what modern day farming is like. I hope this will shed a little light of the crazy (but totally fun) lifestyle of a farmer. And I hope this will help people develop a deeper appreciation for agriculture.

This is for my grandpa. The one who started building my love for agriculture before either of us knew what it would lead to.

I hope you enjoy my journey From City Life to Farm Wife!